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When do applications close?

We take applications through until early September or until the limited number has been reached. Then a waiting list will be created. If you get in nice and early then it gives us both a chance to spot any potential future issues and you can save yourself a fortune by buying the ferries early and bag the decent low price on hotel /B&B/Homestays and return flights.

What is a banger and how much should it cost?

This is a banger challenge so the clue is in the tile. However the challenge is on you to make it to the end as well. If you buy a £500 – £800 banger and it breaks down before the first ferry port then its game over. So be sensible with your purchase. If it looks a bit old has a few scrapes but runs like a dream then you have hit the jackpot. In the early days many took old Ladas as they were cheap and made of mechanical parts. Now most cars have ECU’s MAF sensors and electronic injectors which can cause all manor of problems. This can create an awesome story of how you nursed it to the end but it can quickly inhibit your daily enjoyment too. It’s all part of the challenge but ultimately it is down to how much of a challenge you really want. Also in this day and age where the charity end user is an important factor of alternative modern world travel then its good for the soul to donate something of value. So if you do spend a bit extra in order to make it to the final destination then this ticks both boxes. Both you and the end user charity will benefit from this experience. Your kind donation really will make a difference so thanking you in advance for that.

Left hand drive or right? What make of vehicle? Petrol or Diesel?

LHD is king. You won’t get as much hassle from the police and it will make far more money fo the end user charity.

RHD is fine but will need converting within 6 months as we are donating to Left hand drive countries.

So :-

If you are scouring the internet for a car to buy then some cars are better that others. If you buy French then you have more chance of getting it repaired when it breaks down! If you buy Japanese then it will make more money for the end user in The Gambia or Mauritania and be easier to convert. If your granny has just stopped driving and she has an old rover metro car then take that. It is a known quantity and will probably looks the part but won’t convert to left hand drive easily so will probably only make scrap metal value.

Flying in and need a car?

Looking at the challenges but live outside The UK or EU?

Want to fly in from say America Canada or Oz but can’t source a vehicle?

Well we might know somebody who can. Noting is impossible here. Long term friend of the challenges and participant in all of them might be able to help. He has supplied cars over the years for fly ins. They come with a level of preparation to help out ( sump guard / roof rack). Now as with all old vehicle they come with no guaranties or warranties implied. The car will look the part for a banger challenge. Do not have a go at mission HQ if you get to Spain and it breaks down. But if the only thing stopping you from coming is the availability of a car then we can put you in contact with Arthur Daley at Oddball motors.

Which fuel?

There is not much in it. If you you take either it is wise to take 2×10 litre jerry cans with some decent European fuel as sometimes further down towards Mauritania fuel can become of very poor quality or sometimes unavailable. Diesel should give better fuel economy and be easier to find.

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